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A Higher State of Josh Wink

Posted by LP Eric on June 12, 2012 | 0 Comments

Josh Wink

Josh Wink
Liquid Sunshine, Toronto Canada, 1993

What can I say about this guy right here. You old heads reading this blog know he needs no introduction and you young bucks listen up. Coming up in the Philadelphia party scene, I have seen Josh Wink perform many times.  I used to frequent a club called 1415 in Philly where Josh was a regular fixture.

Wink has some of the biggest rave anthems to come out of the United States EDM scene and it started with this face melter "Higher State of Consciousness". This track has been remixed a bazillion times but I don't think any of them have the impact of the original. The other track that has stuck in my craw over the years is "Dont Laugh". The first time I heard it was at a Bassrush party (circa 1995/96) held on some farm west of Baltimore. Oddly enough it was Frankie Bones spinning at the time and when he dropped this track came I thought I was tripping. It starts out with the kick drum, and just when the acid synth starts to burn a hole in your forehead, the laughing starts....evil.

Josh is known for the tweaked out acid synths in his music and this month's offering is no exception. This mix was recorded live in Toronto Canada in 1993 at a party called Liquid Sunshine and is chock full of goodies.

I hope you enjoy!

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