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Ode to the Mixtape v.4

Gonzo: It’s gettin' grimy up in here!

Posted by LP Eric on January 09, 2012 | 0 Comments

DJ Gonzo, 1996


If you are an old school party kid like me you know about the grime, horrible food decisions at 5 AM (yeah Denny's I'm looking at you) and the late nights in some random party kids apartment for the "after party". That's where I found this beauty right here and boy is it grimy. This poor tape is a copy of a copy of a copy so its thinner then a "Your momma is so skinny she hoola hoops with a cheerio" joke. I am going to apologize for the quality right off the bat but, I love the track selection and i think it catches the essence of what being a NYC party kid in 1996 was like GRIMY! The DJ for this gem is DJ Gonzo who is a NYC OG staple to the party scene back then. Enjoy!

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