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Japan DM Adds New Member

Masaya "Knit" Maeda

Posted by Dark Matter on May 12, 2014 | 0 Comments

Dark Matter is proud to announce the induction of our newest member, Masaya "Knit" Maeda!  Knit has a long history within the Japanese Hip Hop culture that goes back to 1996 when he first began as a Bboy.  Currently, Knit works for ADHP promotion company and is a writer for Japan's largest underground/urban based magazines, "Dance Delight".

Knit has been a tremendous supporter and ambassador for Dark Matter.  he is recognized for introducing Nari Digitz to finger styles, and has continually helped spread knowledge and history about Finger Styles to the Japanese dance community. Knit, with the support of Cham and Nari, were also instrumental in providing an interview with Code Red for "Dance Delight Magazine" in 2013.  This interview was one of the most reputable and largest distribution of Liquid and Digitz history to date!

It is Knit's commitment to supporting the Dark Matter initiative, helping spread the word about EDM originated dances, and of course being a well versed practitioner himself, that has earned him a spot within the Dark Matter Family. 

Please join us in welcoming Knit to Dark Matter!  Read Knit's Full Bio Here.


ADHP is holding an event in Japan called Loud Minority.  Check out the flyer below!

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