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So Many Fingers, So Little Time

Posted by Relic on September 09, 2011 | 0 Comments

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Digitz VideosAhoy! After being away for a short minute I’m back to post some of our favorite vids. Much is busy in the land of YouTube but I wanted to center this weeks post around some type of theme. So in honor of the phalanges battle at Axiom this November let’s watch some of our favorite finger style videos, both old & new. Happy Friday!

Math and Science

Something relatively new dropped by Math & Science, Finger Connectors from up north.

Robozee Fahrscheinkontrolle

Robozee from across the Atlantic getting busy on a train ride.

LMFAO Party Rock Anthem finger tut teaser

Mr. Love is going to give me a ton of shit for posting this one, but regardless of your opinion towards other dancers, respect people who continue to do their thing. Hok from Quest Crew on the Finger Tut tip on the set of Party Rock.

Ayo? Bluz

Bluz is a Glover from out west, and I think one of the better ones.

Finger Tutting - Big City Brains

Steen stikes again! Big City Brains with some epic creativity applied. Enjoy.

Jsmooth - Finger Tutting

I went to see Step Up 3D specifically to see the rolling credits with JSmooth finger tutting in 3D. While it was quite entertaining, this vid peaks my interest more.

Extreme Reptilian Finger Tuttinn Connect Style

I was digging thru Tiny Love’s videos trying to find my favorite. Holy sheet this mf’er has so many videos, and 2 YouTube accounts as well. But I’ve always loved his Reptilian vid... to know this video is to know Tiny; Unique, Creative, Bugged Out, Conspirator....

Dark Matter Squad shameless plugs =)

We’re currently working on new vids of the crew; vlog inspiration, new instructionals for the novice’s out there and footage of us getting down. Be patient people! We got this. Soon.


Houdoken. Say it with me now.... WHO?.. DOH!.. Ken

Liquid Pop Collective Digitz Tutorial

LPC Digitz Tutorial. Old Skool. Watching this I realize how much I need to go back to the basics again.

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