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No Excuses All Styles Battle

Posted by Code Red on November 07, 2011 | 0 Comments

On Sunday, October 23, 2011, I had the humbling opportunity to judge at No Excuses, and all styles competition in Chicago at the Dance Connection dance studio. No Excuses was put together by ally and friend Plainwhite Tom, and this guy's hard work did not disappoint.

For me, this was my first opportunity to judge a battle. Along with myself, Brave Monk of Awesome Style Konnection/Phaze II and KSoul from Venus Fly Trap Crew, we got to see some of the Chicago area's budding and experienced dancers come together to share various styles of urban and underground dance styles.  The entire event was energized by the love of the dance, humble and down to earth attitudes and an eagerness to share each person's respective technique, style, passion and vision.  If there were any egos, they were most certainly checked at the door.

I want to give it up to everyone who participated. Such great talent was displayed and many of the battles were so close Brave, Kelsa and myself had to convene behind closed doors to really figure out who we would pass through.  Of all of the battles, I think it was undeniable, that the closest and most exhilarating was the semi-final battle between Tommy (Flowington) and Breezy. You can check out the battle yourself (see below) and see how much energy and creativity was displayed.  We ended up having to do a tie breaker for this one, and it was well worth getting to see a third round from each.

A big congratulations to Breezy for winning the competition! If only I had your balance and agility!!

Also, I have to give it up for DJ Marcus Shadden. He was a great pick for this event, kept the variety in music eclectic to suit the many styles and applied perfect trak selection for the event!

So many kudos to Plainwhite Tom for his effort and dedication to bring together such an eclectic and special group of dancers. If you see his name on flyer in the future, you're guaranteed an amazing event.  For me, this was an important event as well. It bridged many dance styles from not just urban dance cultures that include popping, breaking, house and the like, but also a chance for EDM culture based dances such as Liquid and Digitz (digits) to have a forum amongst these other dances. It meant a lot to see them well received and the dances as a whole breaking boundaries and cultures. In the end, its all dance and passion to express ourselves; that should be what drives us to persue the artforms, in any capacity.

Enjoy the judges showcases, battle videos and photos*!

Tommy (Flowington) vs Breezy

I absolutely loved this battle. The first two rounds were judged a tie forcing a third round!

Judges Showcases

Brave Monk: Awesome Style Konnection, Phaze II

KSoul: Venus Fly Trap Crew

Code Red: Dark Matter Squad, LPC

Additional Battles & Prelims

I grabbed these off of Tonic's YouTube Page. Tonic is a Chicago based dancer who also entered the competition and did a superb job!!

Barberik: Prelim Round

Jett vs. Tonic

Distortion vs. Tonic

OOG vs Barberik

Barberik vs. Breezy (Breeann)


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