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Big Dub 2012

Posted by Dark Matter on August 21, 2012 | 0 Comments

Big Dubphoto by: RKF Photography
Big Dubphoto by: RKF Photography
Big DubPhoto by: Pim

For the second year in a row, Dark Matter Squad was blessed with the opportunity to attend Big Dub Candy Mountain (BDCM). The anticipation for this event, the ability to teach workshops on Liquid, Digits and other styles and DM’s Lush being booked to DJ during the day while attendees kicked it near the campground’s natural swimming hole still has us buzzing over the event.

BDCM is an EDM based, 3 day outdoor camping festival, held at 4 Quarters Interfaith Sanctuary in Artemas, PA. The event is hosted by BADASS Raves, Slow Kidz, Grime Sugar, and Bass Tasty with the intent of providing a one of kind, multi-genre/culture and personal spiritual journey of sorts. With tons of daytime workshops, visual displays, social activities, fireworks, amazing vibes and musical acts such as Lazy Rich, NitGrit, Vaski, BlockHead, Freddy Todd, Sugarpill and Gladkill to name a few, this event truly achieved its mission.

Our Adventure...So it begins

When we first arrived we found a small tucked away camp spot half way down the trail. Saved by a single tarp (thank you James Wu!), we survived a massive thunderstorm (ok most of us...sorry Shenchi!) before setting up camp. It was as if Mother Nature was welcoming us with an awesome display of strength and beauty. Maybe even with a warning to make sure we were reminded that this land was her gift to us, and to take care of it.

As we finally started to set up our camps, we kept noticing this one, single, pop-up tent. Shortly we were met by the tent’s owner, Chris. It was brief, as he was obviously tired and after a brief hello went to sleep. When he awoke a few hours later he walked out to discover a whole city of tents around him. Yes, Dark Matter and our extended family committed a pincer move of sorts, swallowing up his tent with all of ours. He was going to have to eat, drink and kick it with us, whether he liked it or not! More on this later...

The Jump in

photo by: Pim
photo by: Pim

Just before starting our Big Dub adventure, Dark Matter pulled our long time friend Chico aside and extended an offer to be a part of Dark Matter. After promising to properly only refer to him as the “damn sexy blackorean”, he conceded to being jumped in. So with great excitement we PLUR’d the fuck out of him and made it official. Welcome, Chico. You deserve it!

The Workshops

There is nothing more fulfilling than being able to teach and demonstrate our art, especially within our true environment. For this year’s event we did two workshops. Friday was our Liquid and Popping class. Code Red went over different foundations and then worked in a routine with the group. For Saturday’s Digits and finger styles class, attendees had the opportunity to see each DM member’s approach and were shown various personal techniques used in the dance. People took mental notes, and the wheels really started turning as new Digitz heads were being affected by the virus!

The workshop featured at Big Dub was truly a success. After the classes started we were excited to see folks walk by, catch a glimpse, and slowly gravitate towards the group center. Only a few minutes had passed before the group had grown exponentially in size, and watching all the newcomers actively participate in the drills was a spectacle in itself. There was no sense of shame, or embarrassment, or pride, just a group of like minded individuals gathering under one cause, to learn this art form.

Throughout the night we couldn't help but notice how such a limited amount of time at the workshops had such a profound impact on those who attended. By a show of how many people we saw implementing these newfound concepts into their own groove, the presence became clear. This was a humbling point for us. With what we continue to introduce into the community provides people with a medium to further interpret the music with which they dance to (allowing them to take their appreciation for EDM to another level), and witnessing this was amazing to say the least.

The watering hole!

One of our biggest highlights (there were many!) was Jenn's (Lush) booking to DJ at Big Dub for the first time. Right as her set started, the rain subsided and she commenced with her deep soulful beats by the swimming hole. “It was as if the sun came out just for me.” Jenn Said, “ It was an amazing feeling just being with all my favorite people at that moment, getting props for my set, and everything was a big beautiful blur after that.”

photo by: Pim
photo by: Zachary Coon
photo by: Zachary Coon

The Castle

Yep, the Symbiotic castle is getting its own shout out. Why? Because it was fucking awesome. And when things are that awesome, they get shouted out. When we first arrived we got a good glimpse of it, but it wasn’t until nightfall when we really got to see the amazing work put in by these guys to build their campsite. It was like walking into a new land from Game of Thrones, just minus the horses, orgies (that we are aware of), and creepy snow monsters. Great job guys, we are stoked to be joining forces with you and MushMouth Media to put together Thunderdome! Like Voltron up in this muther!

The Experience

Big Dub
photo by: Jessica babb // Slow Kids

photo by: Anything Goes

photo by: Jessica babb // Slow Kids

There is so much we can say here. The music was unbelievable. And the way in which the musical talent increased in merely one year was phenomenal. Some of our favorites were Blockhead, Gladkill, Throwdown, Maramusa, Malphunktion, Lazy Rich, SugarPill , Freddy Todd, RSK, King of Theives, Noisetek and Karma.

We were blown away by seeing so many talented dancers, performers and artists all sharing their trades. And we were proud to see old and new heads exploring various techniques of all sorts being passed around all weekend.

As a crew, We continually played with fresh ideas, bounced them off each other, and watched them evolve & transform at rapid rates. We can’t wait till the Axiom Workshops and Thunderdome: Beyond Axiom in November where we will get to share these ideas again and also see what everyone else has come up with since Big Dub.

All of this though was only a small portion of what really made this event special. For everyone that attended, you will hear a different reason why Big Dub made such a phenomenal impact on them. So we wanted to just list some of our personal experiences, memorable moments and inside jokes. You might not understand them all, but hey, you may not completely want to!

  • Being humbled by a bunch of people chanting Dark Matter as Shenchi tore up the dance floor. That was a pretty awesome welcome.
  • Sharing an unbelievable circle on Friday night with our fellow liquid and digits practitioners along with Flynn from Deadly Venoms!
  • Lush DJing at the swimming hole
  • Bringing Chico into Dark Matter, having his support for the workshops and dancing with him as a crew member for the first time
  • Symbiotic Castle
  • Meteor Showers
  • Liz Stargazer bugging people out with the floating wand
  • Blockhead!
  • Malphunktion!
  • The random guy in our campsite talking to the two chairs. He was a good sport.
  • The other random guy who left his sandals in our campsite. You kinda sucked.
  • Victoria’s hooping set during Lush’s set
  • Eron’s coinage of Dikwuid. Just ask.
  • Butt Tuts
  • Jake coins inversions. You’ll see!
  • Failed parking brake. Ok, this wasn’t funny, BUT we won’t forget it.
  • Crazy drenching rain storm
  • Veek on Jake’s bike
  • Sharing and teaching
  • Bathroom de-ja-vu

Circling Back to Chris

Earlier we mentioned how we met Chris while setting up our camp. After kicking it with him for a little while, we learned that Chris was actually part of the production team and worked with Grime Sugar. He had been camping since Tuesday and until we arrived on Thursday was one of several individual members dedicated to making Big Dub a success. If you were following anyone on Facebook who was a part of this production, you most likely picked up on how often these people were back and forth to the venue location getting ready.

We bring this up because as much as we give praise to B.A.D.A.S.S. Raves, Grime Sugar, Slow Kids and Bass Tasty as a group for their hard work, we sometimes fail to get down to the molecular levels of these groups and appreciate the individual. Chris’s continual ventures from his campsite to handle jobs, organize, and whatever else he had going on during the event, was a small glimpse for us into how much effort and dedication was simultaneously happening before, during and after the event. So we wanted to make sure we gave not just the organizations a deserved thank you, but that we extended our thanks all the way down to those individuals who gave us this amazing experience.

Chris, this goes out to out and all you folks who made Big Dub possible. THANK YOU!

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