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Shakedown 10 Year Anniversary Party

Posted by Dark Matter Squad on March 05, 2012 | 0 Comments

ShakedownSaturday, March 10, 2012 is Worship Recordings 10 Year Anniversary of their renowned house music monthly, The Shakedown. This time, Worship Recordings is stepping up their already top notch game, by bringing in legendary artists Francois K , Josh Wink, King Britt and of course in-house sets by their very own Rob Paine and Willyum.

Additionally the event is being moved from its monthly location, The Barbary, to the well known Trocadero Theatre. This 1000+ capacity spot will be bumping some of the best house music you will find under one roof from 9:00pm - 2:00am.

Not convinced yet? Perhaps some light reading about each artist’s credentials may help you purchase your ticket today!

Or, check out their Worship Recordings YouTube page for videos of past Shakedown events!

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Francois K

Francois KBorn Francois Kevorkian, Francois K’s passion for music led him on a road that most producers & DJ’s can only dream about. Starting his journey as a DJ in NYC in 1976 his career skyrocketed with guest DJ spots at such legendary venues as the Paradise Garage, The Loft, Better Days and Studio 54, just to name a few. His production and remix works have put him in the position to work or collaborate with artists like Eurythmics, Diana Ross, U2, Kraftwork, Mick Jagger, The Cure, Midnight Oil, Jimmy Cliff, Bunny Wailer, The Smiths and The Pet Shop Boys, again just to name a few! He mixed Depeche Mode’s biggest-selling album, Violator - all this before 1990. Moving forward he continued to DJ at many of the best club venues around the world including London’s ‘Ministry of Sound’ and ‘Space,’ as well as Italy’s ‘Angels of Love and many large-scale festivals. By 1995 he started Wave Recordings and the infamous Body and Soul events with Joe Claussell and Danny Krivit at Club Vinyl in NYC. In 2003 he started the extremely eclectic ‘Deep Space’ Monday night event which focuses on the dub aesthetics in all of its forms of dance music that is still going stronger than ever this this day. In 2005, he was inducted into the Dance Music Hall of Fame as both a remixer and DJ making him the most revered and mentored artist to ever touch the stage of a Shakedown event.

Josh Wink

Josh WinkIt’s not so easy to sum up a career like Josh Wink’s - but there terms that help get a handle on the seminal electronic music producer’s life work. One would be longevity. A scan of Wink’s resume reveals the following: Early 80 days a mobile DJ; a major role in fostering Philadelphia’s warehouse scene later that decade; name-making 90’s cllub hits like ‘Don’t Laugh’, ‘Higher State of Consciousness’ and ‘I’m Ready’; a label, Ovum Recordings, that’s one of the essential dance-music imprints; and his current position as one of the scene’s most creative DJ/Producers.

Another word once could use to encapsulate Wink’s oeuvre is versatility. From the breakbeat of ‘higher States’ to the deepness of ‘Stay out All Night’, from the ambience of ‘Horizontal Dancing’ to the liquid Techno of his remix of Agaric’s ‘Who Made Up the Rules,’ his sound ranges as far and wide as anyone’s. The same could be said for Ovum as well, which over the 16 years has released music from such varied artists as Jaime Myerson, DJ Pierre and DJ Sneak, to mention a few.

Which brings us to our final term, integrety. It’s a trait that Wink possesses by the crateful. “I got into this because it was something I lived and ate and breathed,” Wink Says, “There was so much passion for the music, there was nothing else for me. Whatever notoriety and success had come from this, it’s kind of a mistake, a byproduct, and I never planned for that. I never knew i could make a living from doing what I loved when I was a teenager; my parents thought it was a fad actually.” What do his folks think 25 years later? “Oh,” he says with a chuckle, “They love it.”

King Britt

King BrittKing by name, King by nature; King Britt is a truly pioneering musician who is a widely recognized member of the royal elite of the Dance music world. Based in Philadelphia, King Britt has been breaking the traditional boundaries and forging a unique path as a producer, musician, DJ, label boss and media revolutionary for over 20 years now. Some may know him for his Saturn Never Sleeps project, others for his Sylk130 project and co-founding of Ovum Recordings alongside josh Wink. You might even remember him from touring with Grammy Award winning Hip-Hop act Digable Planets. Maybe it’s from how we frist became fans by his 1990 E-Culture release on Strictly Rhythm. No matter how you know of King’s work, you definitly know that he pours every ounce of energy into his eclectic DJ sets, leaving no one standing- only dancing.

Having King perform at our Shakedown 10 Year Anniversary is a dream come true for the Shakedown crew and the icing on the cake which seals up the trinity of superior talent we are presenting you on this very special night for Philadelphia’s house music scene.

Rob Paine

Rob PaineRob Paine's roots run deep. From the moment he heard the deep dubby sounds of Reggae as just a youth he knew he had found his sound. His love for the heavy Reggae sounds grew into a forward movement and soon took on a life of it's own. In 1993 Rob began DJ'ing and throwing events with his crew, "Circle Productions", who were responsible for the most popular parties and weekly club nights in Philadelphia throughout the 90's. During this time Rob started producing a broad range of reggae and reggae influenced music including house, deep techno, broken beat, dub, and down-tempo. His unique sounds were soon being released on labels like Large, Tango, Shaboom & Greyhound just to name a few. Following the success of those tracks, his music was licensed to labels like Bedrock, Fabric & NRK. In 1998 Rob formed his own imprint, Worship Recordings.

The Shakedown events were soon developed as an outlet to showcase his productions and the artists signed to his label. Ten years later, the Shakedown is still going strong.

Over the years Rob has performed at some of the most exclusive clubs and events in locations like Canada, Mexico, Jamaica and London. He has played the infamous Fabric, PS1 in NYC, and Francois K's Deep Space event. He has held monthly residencies in San Francisco, weeklies in South Beach Miami, performed year after year at the Shambhala & Soundwave festivals in BC, and is currently holding down residencies in DC and Philadelphia. When we asked Rob about holding it altogether he said "It's really exciting to be able to switch between the two genres of house & reggae... Rinse out a mash up of the two and everything in between. It's always about keeping the dance floor on fire and getting the crowd to come with you on that journey through your set with out missing a beat."

Rob produces the majority of the projects released on Worship. In 1999 he was awarded the 'Most Innovative Producer' by the Philadelphia City Paper. His 'dub house' style of production marked him as a forward thinker, blazing the path for future infusions of dub and house sounds for years to come.

Rob Paine is an innovator, visionary & one of the cities most prolific DJ's, producers & musicians. He continually pushes the elements of dub into house and techno music. He has created a world renowned studio & sound system with his full commitment to the city of Philadelphia's ever continuing music mecca. His talent shines furiously every time he performs whether it is House or Reggae or somewhere in between. Rob Paine does not disappoint.


WillyumIf actions speak louder than words, Willyum (real name Will Putney) has been screaming at the underground house music community for the better part of two decades now. Consistently one of Philly’s favorite house DJs since he jumped on the scene the early 90's, Will is eternally affiliated with the building of local house institutions like 611 Records, Worship Recordings, The Shakedown, and PhillySoulCollective. No stranger to the radio format, Will currently hosts SoulGlow Radio, every Thursday from 6-9pm Eastern Time on DeepHouseLounge.com. In the past, he has had a weekly mixshow with PhillySoulCollective on TestPress.com, and had regular guest appearances on WPRB in Princeton and WKDU Drexel Radio - in addition to ten years on the station's yearly Electronic Music Marathon charity event.

Willyum's music releases are numerous - a ton of mixtapes that were beaten to a pulp in revelers' tapedecks, and more recent studio productions on Worship Recordings and Selekta Recordings. He has also collaborated on remixes for various labels and artists, including Worship, Selekta and Brooklyn's Warmth Recordings. Additionally, he produced WOR.CD.02, a mixed CD release of the label's 11th through 20th release - releases which Willyum had a hand in from start to finish - A&R, manufacturing, distribution, and of course, the mixing of the CD itself.

A vibrant selector and warm individual, the years have seen Willyum's indelible glow mirrored upon the countless people, parties, and records he's graced with his tactful and soulful style. Longevity is something that eludes many in this game, but Willyum has found a way to keep his name and parties relevant for close to two decades now. PhillySoulCollective’s immensely popular “Philadelphia Experiment” party spanned eight years at Philadelphia’s historic Silk City venue, and The Shakedown- Worship Recordings monthly event in Philadelphia- is still going strong after 10 years. Over the span of nearly two decades Will has taken his sound to venues in exotic locations from Hawaii to Russia, as well as off-the-beaten-path locales like Iowa and Tennessee. No matter the climate or capacity, Willyum always shows up ready to take you to a special and unique place, where upfront underground tracks blend seamlessly with timeless classics, creating a memorable mix you will take with you long after the doors have closed.

Why Dark Matter Likes This:

Its worth noting a little history on Shakedown, one of the longest running house music monthlies in Philadelphia.

“The Shakedown started in March 2002 as a Worship Recordings monthly event, one where The Worship crew (DJ’s Rob Paine, Willyum and Zacharijah) could promote the label on the local level plus all DJ together.” Dealing with clubs that had poor sound systems, the Shakedown parties centered their attention on quality sound and music to treat their audience right.

The Shakedown eventually became a sub/label of Worship Recordings, providing jazzy and funky side of house music genre. Unfortunately as vinyl took heed to the digital era, and new labels where coming out everyday, the Worship crew pulled away from the idea of turning the Shakedown into a label, and focused on the Shakedown as an event.

We have blogged about Worship before in Artist Interview v.2: Worship Recordings. For several members of Dark Matter, the Shakedown was an early hangout and practice spot which provided the perfect environment to get down, hang with friends and perfect our crafts. 10 years later, its an event we still enjoy freaquenting. We are confident this is an event surely not to miss. Hope to see you there!

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