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Minnesota + Sugarpill

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Manifest Presents MinnesotaMANIFEST brings yet another west-coast style party to Baltimore, a perfectly unusual city to throw such multi-dimensional events. Since MANIFEST’s last noteworthy party, with headliner Tipper, the production crew has thrown a few warehouse parties intermittently in order to continue to build its growing fan base in addition to bringing more progressive acts including Vibesquad. However, next up in this series of high production events is “Archaic Revival” featuring northern California’s Minnesota with supporting acts Sugarpill, Space Jesus, and Soohan, once again to be held at the spacious Sonar.

Event Details:

  • When: Saturday, February 25, 8pm-2am
  • Where: Sonar, Baltimore Md
  • Price: $15 advanced, $20 Door, 18+
  • Ticket Purchase: http://sonarbaltimore.com/

The term Archaic Revival was coined by Terrence McKenna, leading expert in psychnautics, who discussed the modern generation’s nostalgia for the archaic, a reversion back into expressionism and surrealism, appreciation for the plant-human symbiosis, noting that “the way out is back and that the future is a forward escape into the past”. Archaic Revival encourages us to suppress our egos which have been radically enforced by modern society that ultimately drive us to be dominators, individualists, and materialists – hegemonious, monogamous, and monotonous – and in place, realize, our inner worth and the value of the immediate experience, the now, in order to regain values of community that we as humans once had.

MANIFEST brings us to the immediate experience by providing an environment that welcomes introspection as well as openness, abstract expressionism, and surrealism – bringing community back together built around the expressive art of music. The headliner for the evening, Minnesota, is one of the several west-coast producers that locals consider a regular – gracing many line-ups and parties including the DoLab’s Lightening in a Bottle. While Minnesota, Christian Bauhofer, began his career producing hip-hop and creating bands, he now primarily produces a combination of west-coast influenced dubstep, a sound sure to bring not only a good dance floor, but we can only hope for a more glitch set to bring more cerebral, unusual, and complex music, as the event’s theme indicates.

MANIFEST’s resident DJ, Soohan, will be opening the night and setting the mood for the evening. Traditionally mixing Baltimore club and electrohouse, Soohan will be representing the local DJ community and be the welcoming act for out-of-town guests. First guest will be Philadelphia’s Space Jesus, who has the potential to bring some truly originally produced music creating unusual landscapes. If he plays anything like this track, I’d be impressed – psychedelic bass? Sugarpill will be introducing the headliner, who holds the market niche for “Polytemponic Melodo-Crunky Glitch Bass”. Covering a wide rage of genres with wobbly bass and atmospheric undertones, Sugarpill will push for a progressive night of music with future bass.

Extra amenities for the evening include Baltimore hip hop EDM activist group, Dark Matter Squad, who holds one, if not the only, electronic dance conventions on the east coast, Axiom. While professional dance styles have yet to be properly incorporated into the EDM scene, MANIFEST invites Dark Matter Squad to grace the night with old and new dance styles including Liquid and Digitz. MANIFEST will also be reintroducing the art of lasers into EDM culture with production by Lucid Lasers.

MANIFEST once again will bring a thrilling night of quality, forward-thinking electronic music as guest will get the opportunity to appreciate the artwork (and hard work) of original music production, where the most dedicated musicians play. Another multi-dimensional evening by MANIFEST, high production quality in the form of progressive variety will be the driving theme of the night.

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Why DarkMatter Likes This:

Manifest has gained a reputation for bringing in unique talent to its fans. If you want a break from the bro-step while taking a step back to a more refined and true reason for experiencing EDM culture, these are the parties you want to go to. Aside from the music talent, Manifest and collaborators bring in high quality artistic instalations adding to the overall experience, theme and mood of the event.

DarkMatter is excited to have been asked to be a part of this event. We will be hanging around, ripping up the dance floor and teaching anyone who would like to know more about EDM dances and history. We look forward to seeing you there!

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