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Tommy Von Flowington III

Posted by Dark Matter on May 08, 2012 | 0 Comments

Chicago resident, Tommy Von Flowington, III, is no lightweight in the Liquid dance community. Over the last 6 years, we’ve had the wonderful opportunity to watch him grow as a dancer and practitioner of Liquid and Digits. It was apparent when we first came across this guy, that he had “it”. By “it” we mean a formidable concept of the driving principle of Liquid; Flow.

Tommy is a true ambassador of EDM dances and continues to demonstrate how Liquid and Digits can be made dynamic through his multi-level approach, using much of the 3-dimensional space around him. And that’s why we have picked him for this week’s dancer highlight.

It is important to work all of the space around you. Many times we see Liquid practitioners focus on just the space immediately in front of them. Take note in the below videos on how Tommy continually moves around his available space, in front of him and behind him. Enjoy!


Name: Thomas P.

Dance Name: Tommy(or tmy) Von Flowington III, I didnt have a dance name for my first few years or so....hell I barely considered myself a ‘dancer’ back then versus someone who was just interested in dance. The flowington thing was just something random I changed my facebook name to one day out of boredom. Everyone seemed to like it so it just stuck.

City/State: Chicago, IL

Age: 28

Core Dance Styles: Liquid, Tutting

Years Dancing: 6

Where to Find Tommy Von Flowington, III:

Email Tommy

My Inspiration Comes From: The experiences I have lived through(good and not so good),the music I listen to day in and day out, and the people I have met along the way(good and not so good). I try to absorb as much art(all types) as possible to maintain a creative mind and a passionate soul. I view science and technology as art forms as well but for those who don’t... these inspire me too and have been a big part of my life. Applying concepts I’ve learned as a computer science major to dance has helped me a great deal...using the newest language to understand our oldest language.

Other Dancers that Influence Me Are: For liquid, the most influential would be Houdoken, PlainWhiteTom, Kai, Frequency, and Relic. Some poppers would be Slim Boogie[MGF], Greenteck[MZK], Icon[WCA], Future[Assassins], and Soul[IMS]. I am also inspired by various hip-hop dancers, lockers, turfers, flexers, experimental, and object-manipulation artist.


Flowington, DEMF(May2011) & Axiom (Nov2011)

Clown Around Down Town

TMY, Botanic, May '10

TMY, Quick Practice



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