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Storyboard P

Posted by Dark Matter on April 25, 2012 | 0 Comments

This week's dancer highlight is Storyboard P. With a broad knowledge in both underground/urban dance styles and modern/contemporary movement, Storyboard P, defies the physics of balance and gravity.  We recently asked him a few questions about his style and background and obtained a few videos which he recommended to us. Here is another great example of a dancer that integrates various styles and movements to create his own unique character, that has come to be known as Storyboard P. 


Storyboard P
Storyboard P

Storyboard P

Beyonce: "If I were a Boy" Video, 2008

Name: Saalim Thabit Muslim

Dance Name: "My original dance name was Profesoar. Which means to be a master or teach profession in the concept, evolving or elevating. He was a curator and he helped dancers organize and gain control over their abilities. He also was a creator of many forms and held the power of transforming the cells in his body to music. Over the years after film school, I was given the name “storyboard”, for my masterful skill of storytelling on paper, verbally and with my body. I kept the P on the end to replace a period."

Crew Affiliations: Mutant, Motion Picture Wave, Warriors, Maineventt

City/State: Brooklyn NY

Age: 21

Core Dance Styles: Mutant, Contemporary, Bruk Up, Modern Lyrical

Years Dancing: 14

Where to Find Storyboard P:


My Inspiration Comes From: "God and the universe. Life. My earliest inspiration was motion picture and its classic storytellers like Willis O’Brien and Ray Harryhausen who animated a lot of the wonderful films from the golden age. Together they worked on the original Mighty Joe Young and King Kong. Ray was his protégé and carried on his skill sets to bring to life the mythological tales of Medusa, Perseus, Zeus and so many other fantasies and stories that prior to that point was only learned of through word.

"This was amazing to me because it taught me that creation is first from thought, then word, then visual. This helped me with my creation process. Then, I saw movers who were from the neighborhood who were into animating their bodies to reggae. So I rushed to learn under them, because I thought if I learned, I could help create a legacy as great as some of these early filmmakers and movers from the neighborhood. And thus this inspired me to blend my writing and thought process with every little move I made. This helped to me create something very distinctive and individualized. I have other influences like musical influences and other artists, but then I would be here for days adn months elaborating!"


Storyboard P: Freestyle Performance at Clutchfest 2011

Storyboard P: The Beatles Freestyle

Storyboard in Sweden

Storyboard P "Dancer in Gucci Dressed" @ NYThrowDown

Storyboard P vs Retro @ Loud 4 Eva


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