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Dancer Highlight v.1


Posted by Dark Matter on April 18, 2012 | 0 Comments

Our newest installment of blog topics: Dancer Highlights!  We pride ourselves on being comprised of dancers who have unique, sometimes out there, styles. Dark Matter is all about our origins of Liquid and Digitz (Digitz), but we all practice other styles from different cultures to enhance our core styles. We study and learn from other dancers and explore techniques that we can then incorporate into our own personal style and character.

This new blog topic is about discovering and showing you other dancers, who are at times, a little less known to the masses, but come with a unique and identifiable style. Some of you may know the dancers we will be posting up here, and some of you may never have heard of them. Either way, our intention is to offer you some great videos we come across that we think you too can find as a helpful influence, or just a pleasing viewer experience!

Today, we highlight Bishop, who was recently recommended to us by a fellow friend and liquid dancer, "Liquid Kevin" from Japan while he was attending our workshop Axiom in November 2011.

Many times when we discuss Liquid, the one topic that continually comes up is, "What about the rest of your body?"  "How are you dancing with liquid?" or "What kind of Footwork works with Liquid?"  The amazing thing about Liquid dancing is that it leaves this open to the dancer. There are people who incorporate House dance style, Martial Arts and Popping to name a few.

Bishop provides some great visual insight into how you can move your body with a particular Flow. His "Windstyle" technique is a brilliant mix of waving and full body movement. In a post reply on his YouTube video he states the technique is “intuition and analysation of what could be the natural fluid movements in our world.” Here are a few of his videos demonstrating his technique. Enjoy!

Hiphop dance, Bishop windstyle tryout

AragoRn a.k.a BishoP practice trailer 2010

BishoP in moscow 2009

Visit Bishop's YouTube Page


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