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Liquid Rush

Posted by Dark Matter on May 21, 2012 | 0 Comments

16,000 miles away, and according to Google, a possible 6,635 mile kayak across the Pacific Ocean (at least you pass through Hawaii), is a guy most of Dark Matter Squad, and the old LPC has known for quite some time now; Liquid Rush.

We wanted to showcase him in this week's Dancer Highlight because Rush represents the global exposure Liquid and Digits (Digitz) has had for over 10 years. His videos show various incorporations of styles including, photons and the older more original versions of shuffling.

Enjoy, and stay tuned for some more international highlights in the upcoming Dancer Highlight posts!


Rush de Twin
Rush de Twin
Rush de Twin

Name: Rush de Twin

Dance Name: Liquid Rush. When I first started dancing I was BBoy Méthode and after discovering Liquid I went with LiquidMethod. I was born with the name Rush so I thought I may as well use it.

Crew Affiliations: Sh!ft-1

City/State: Gold Coast, Queensland

Age: 27

Core Dance Styles: Liquid, Waving, Animation, Shuffle(old-school)

Years Dancing: 10

Where to Find Liquid Rush:

Email Rush

My Inspiration Comes From: Music. Producing/mixing and digging for new tracks that I can dance to. It makes me a bit sad to think that I haven't heard my favourite song yet.

Other Dancers that Influence Me Are: LPC Crew, Mori, Salah, Yaman, G-Wizz (old-skool Shuffler from Melbourne)


Liquid Rush - The Leaky Cauldron

Liquid Rush - Researchers Dance

"L'Amour" by Liquide de Rush

Liquid Rush - Digitz Freestyle

Liquid Rush in Surfers Paradise



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