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Lionz of Zion vs Knuckleheads-Cali

Posted by Dark Matter on August 03, 2012 | 0 Comments

Let's talk about what happens when things appear so wrong, they are oh so right. This battle is between Lions of Zions and the Knuckleheads. However, if you walked into this venue at the start of this battle you probably would have felt more like you walked into some weird corner of Hunter S. Thompson's brain and of epically awkward proportions.

Battling for Lionz of Zion, or known here as "The Catalina Wine Mixers" are Kimchi-Giraffe (Toyz) and Domkey Punch (Domkey).  Their opponents; the scantily clad, leopard print unmentionable wearing , Knuckleheads, or here known as the "Bucho Brothers" are represented by The Sexiest Ass West of the Mississippi (T-Bird) and Jolly Rancher Nipples (Skank).  Ladies and Gentelman....I have only a few words: Enjoy this amazing display of talent, creativeness and unbelievable awkwardness.  I will end with a quote from Gem, "It's truly outrageous."

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