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The Lockers, Reo Robot, Dre, Taco

Posted by Dark Matter on August 01, 2012 | 0 Comments

As artists, it is important to continually explore your roots, while learning about how to become "you."  We inspire from what those before us have innovated, accomplished and passed along. Like it or not, you are and will always be borrowing from something before you. This is a small homage post to some of the most influential pioneers in the urban dance arenas.  Expect more of this kind to come down the interweb, blogging apparatus in the near future.

The Lockers

"While popular in street dancing culture, Locking hasn’t quite made its mark in the EDM scene. I’ve always thought Locking had everything you could want in a dance: Funk, Power & Finesse. Hopefully this tidbit from The Lockers circa 1970 inspires you to start Locking!" - Relic

Pop N Taco

Michael Jackson's teacher and one of the pioneers in the cobra style and animation. Right around the :35 second mark is where Taco calls on his alien spirit to take over. WTF!

Boppin Andre

Though a newer clip, Andre (who is not the easiest to find clean footage of) breaks down Animation and Sinbad at Homeland in California. Toward the end he demonstrates the Skeleton and Cyclops!

Reo Robot

What you know about the Dinosaur?


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