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Dave Crowe of Heymoonshaker

Posted by Dark Matter Squad on April 19, 2012 | 0 Comments

We have all seen the likes of Rahzel and Dougy Fresh. Recently we even posted some crazy highlights of the World Beatbox Championship from 2012. But what do you get when you drop extreme beatbox talent into the world of EDM. You get this freaking guy: Dave Crowe. Actually, it would be unfair to say he is an EDM beatbox artist. Dave Crowe covers it all working as a duo Beatbox/Blues group called Heymoonshaker with fellow artist Andy BaLcon. Nonetheless this guy's solo pieces certainly traverse the EDM sound.

Dark Matter Squad is about converging various arts and cultures to produce unique versions of artistic output. Plainly put, dont restrict yourself to just what you see directly around you, amazing things can happen just by bridging two different artforms. Haymoonshaker is a great example of this!

Check out some of this videos and street performances below.

Dave Crowe: Dubstep Beatbox

Heymoonshaker Documentary Part 1

Heymoonshaker Documentary Part 2

Heymoonshaker Documentary Part 3

Heymoonshaker Documentary Part 4

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