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Axiom 2012

Workshop & Afterparty Update

Posted by Relic on July 31, 2012 | 0 Comments

Hey party people! Given the lack of information on Axiom so far, I wanted to give people a quick update on what we are planning and some other tidbits related to DarkMatter.

We initially hoped all Axiom information would be released by now, however due to the sheer size of our vision this year we want to lock in several elements before details get released. In regards to changes, here are some of the things we learned from last year that we want to implement this year:

  • Reduce the the length of workshop time during the day. Last year was almost a 10 hour day with everything combined, followed by our after party. We were beat! While it’s our goal to offer an educational experience, it’s equally important we have enough energy to get down later that night. We’re exploring the possibility of multi-day workshops, or running two studios simultaneously, still unknown as of now.

  • Host the workshops in Baltimore. While we are blessed our friend Brandee has a great studio at Jamz in Pasadena, the location was not ideal for people coming from out of town. We’re looking at several studios in the city, one of which is not even opened yet and has been converted from an old church, details on it soon enough.

  • With the day reduced we want to throw an absolute banging party later that night, basically the main event. We’ve teamed up with Symbiotic and Mush Mouth Media to do just that. This is going to be a Multi-room party (3-4 rooms) running music full time in at least two, and run 10pm - 4am. Headliners and other musical talent will get dropped along with everything else once we’re ready. But for those of you familiar with these two crews, you know these folks don’t fuck around when it comes to throwing slammin’ parties.

  • Hold the Finger Styles contest at the club - another reason why for a great party. The ‘vibe’ of last year’s contest in the studio felt awkward; a finger styles contest held in a large dance studio during the day... We want it to feel intimate this go around and host the contest in its rightful environment - down and dirty at a club/rave. It’ll be well lit, no annoying strobe lights but dim enough to feel appropriate, and we’re hoping to record and project all of it in real time on various walls throughout the event so everyone can see.

  • Showcase our instructor’s talent at the party. Most dancers know how skilled our guests are, but many regular party go-ers, promoters, dj’s, etc have no idea. We want everyone to experience this which is why we our scheduled guests (and then some) will battle it out, surely giving all attendees their money’s worth. Without dropping any names some of the ‘themed’ battles we are trying to orchestrate are: East vs West, Old school vs New School, EDM Crew Showdown, Beltway Battle (Bmore vs DC) and a Footwork Battle. In addition to all this, we’re looking at other artists that can offer their talent as a showcase as well (beatboxing, graffiti, contact juggling, poi, etc). All of this ‘dancing’ will have its own room at the party; we’re trying something different and that's fusing the standard multiple room themed rave with underground dancing/battling, acknowledging dancers for all the hard work they put in and give them their very own room.

With all that being said we have we are working tirelessly to secure all our talent. Last year’s talent roster was great, but as usual DarkMatter strives towards bringing talent that doesn’t make it to our area very often; we enjoy seeing new folks and we want you to experience a diverse learning atmosphere.

So on Saturday November, 3rd... please join us for:


@ The Legendary Paradox Nightclub
10pm - 4am
Flyer, website, FB event page all coming soon.

(And if you're wondering if the entire event is gonna feel like the movie Thunderdome, the answer is YES. In addition to some bad ass decor we have Liquid Pop Eric playing the role of Dr. Dealgood orchestrating the battles in the dance arena)

Additional Events

Big Dub Candy Mountain

We’re teaching at Big Dub again this year (Friday and Saturday). Code Red and Shenchi will be teaching in-depth workshops on Liquid, Digitz along with other styles.

Dark Matter Open Workshop Sessions

We are starting up our Open Workshop Sessions at Jamz dance studio in Pasadena, MD. The first one is planned for this Sunday, August 5th.This isn’t anything crazy, just an opportunity to kick it in a studio and practice. The event is free with a suggested $5 donation for studio rental.


And finally on September 22nd we are helping MIXOLOGY with producing an All Styles Contest underneath the bridge in front of the Paradox. Judges, Dj, prizes and flyer coming soon, but most importantly this contest and event is FREE, so start practicing!



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