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Jam For Sandy: Review

An Amazing Show of Support!

Written by: Dark Matter on December 20, 2012

On December 15, 2012, Mike "Dynamike" Chau hosted a benefit jam for those affected by Hurricane Sandy, "Jam for Sandy: Charity Jam for New York Cares, Hurricane Sandy Relief!" Proceeds went to the "New York Cares" Charity. The contests included Bboy 2v2 and All Styles 1v1 battles. When we say the northeast and beyond showed up...Dayum, we ain't lying. + more input


More Villains Join DM Empire

Welcome Hoopnosis and BassphreaK

Written by: Dark Matter on December 18, 2012

You hear from us all the time, DarkMatter for supporting ALL facets of the EDM scene, not just dancing. With that said we're pleased to announce the addition of 2 more members to our squad - bassphreaK and Hoopnosis. Both staunch supporters of what DarkMatter is trying and has been achieving. We’re especially excited for these additions because it’s another DJ and and Object Maipulator. + more input


FWD Winter Sessions

Lush's Recorded Set // Free DL

Written by: Dark Matter on December 10, 2012

Recently Dark Matter's DJ Lush played at Forward's Winter Session party which headlined Distal & The Range. The party, set inside a cozy loft/warehouse style venue, brought on a personal feel and good vibes that lasted through the night. Lush recorded her set for you all to check out and download if it suits your fancy! Enjoy! + more input


Thien Thu Quan Am

Thousand Hand Guan Yin

Written by: Dark Matter on November 30, 2012

As practicitioners of liquid and digits, seeing this video for the first time does nothing but make us wonder what could be possible with so many hands! This video is just simply breathtaking. Behind the amazing precision and beauty exists one single amazing fact. All 63 performers are deaf and are part of hte China Disabled People's Performing Art Troupe. As you watch this, try to really think about the de... + more input


Gobble Gobble

Turkey, Stuffing, Family & Party News!

Written by: Dark Matter on November 21, 2012

Before you embark on your travels with the masses, politely sharing travel lines, kindly letting in the car in front of you, waving oh ever so politely (riiiight), we also wanted to share some exciting party news! + more input

Thanksgiving Day Roast Turkey 3 640x480

Thunderdome Recap!

Highlights, Vids, Music and More!

Written by: Dark Matter on November 13, 2012

The entire Thunderdome experience was one like no other, from beginning to end. Our combined teams gave every aspect of the event 110%, from coming up with the concept, decor, promotions, and sheer will and determination to give Baltimore one of the best damn parties it has seen in a long time! + more input


DM will be on the UA Show!

Listen to us Live, Friday at 11am!

Written by: Dark Matter on November 01, 2012

Dark Matter is honored to have been asked by Urban Artistry to sit in on their live internet radio show this Friday at 11:00am EST. We will be bringing silky, smooth Tiev with us to discuss Dark Matter's mission, the state of EDM culture, dances such as Liquid and Digits and of course the AXIOM WORKSHOPS & THUNDERDOME! + more input

Urban Artistry Show

Step Inside the Dome!

Theme, Performance, Contest Info!

Written by: Dark Matter on October 24, 2012

Ok post-apocalyptic ravers! Last week we gave you the DJ lowdown for Thunderdome. This week is your comprehensive guide to all of the shenanigans we have going on leading up to and during what will go down as one of the best parties you will attend this year! So much effort has gone into bringing you a unique, on-of-a-kind experience never done before at a party. So give this post a gander and see why Dark ... + more input


Funky Magic Mike

Bionic, MonstaPop, PopNTod, Playboy Stix

Written by: Dark Matter on October 23, 2012

Here's a fun video produced and edited by AK and Directed by Will Kong. Even though the concept is by Bionic, Something tells us the underwear idea was PopNTod's with MonstaPop being a good sport! + more input


Thunderdome DJs

Your One Stop Audio Shop!

Written by: Veek on October 17, 2012

With Thunderdome quickly approaching, the anticipation amongst Dark Matter, Symbiotic and Mushmouth for putting on one beast of a production for you all continues to grow. We won’t say we have been giddy like a gaggle of schoolgirls, but we will tell you that our excitement-schwartz is as big as yours! + more input


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