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Congrats Liquid Kevin

StageMe.com Liquid & Digits Winner

Written by: LPE on March 06, 2013

I wanted to formally congratulate Liquid Kevin for his inspiring performance during stageme.com’s Liquid & Digitz Originals volume 1 competition. I also wanted to break down why I picked Kevin out of the other potentials in the competition.

#1 This will seem like a no brainer but he did 99% liquid and digitz in the video he submitted for the comp... + more input


Eet is Here!

BLock Party Line up Announced!

Written by: Dark Matter on February 19, 2013

Finally! We get to lambast you with everything we have regarding Block Party. Well, almost. But the most crucial is upon us. The mutha funkin lineup! + more input


DM Sessions

Houdoken v.2

Written by: Dark Matter on February 06, 2013

Part two of Houdoken's session. Hope you enjoy! Also, Stage Me voting has begun for the Liquid and Digits contest! Please take a moment to check out the entries and place your votes! + more input


Liquid & Digits Contest


Written by: Dark Matter Squad on January 30, 2013

Stage Me, the newest in online virtual video contests amongst friends and the world has partnered up with Dark Matter Squad to bring you their first Liquid and Digits contest! The contest is being judged by Dark Matter's Liquid Pop Eric! + more input

Screen shot 2013 01 30 at 11.44.08 AM

808 Thoughts v.2

Roland Say’s Dance sucker!

Written by: LP Eric on January 29, 2013

Hey everyone, Happy new year! I know its late but forgive me. We here at DM have been working tirelessly with Symbiotic putting together our spring fling Lego Land, All Fluid Styles competition, and Helix Dance Workshop. While digging through Youtube for music that we would use during our all fluid styles battle at Lego Land, my nostalgia got the best of me, which it usually does, and came across a few trac... + more input


Dancer Highlight v.8

Johnii Ninja

Written by: Code Red on January 14, 2013

Residing in Washington, DC, one of the many thriving dance scenes in the US, is an unsuspecting bundle of knowledge and talent known to many as Johnii Ninja. I first came across Johnii at a local battle in DC called ESS3. After seeing him get down there and than a few more times at events like "Four Hours of Funk" in Baltimore, it was clear this guy was well versed and studied in his dance arts. + more input


Ode to the Mixtape v10

Gonzo vs XDream

Written by: LP Eric on January 08, 2013

Happy New Years! I'm kicking off the new year with a tag team set from Gonzo & X Dream. Two of the east coast's DJ staples for years. The tape features high energy acid trance and house that was popular in the 1990’s. I hope you enjoy! + more input


DM Sessions

Houdoken v.1

Written by: Dark Matter on January 08, 2013

Dropping you all a short digits session by Houdoken! Be on the look out for more clips by Houdoken and the DMS! + more input


Swing on Deez

DJ aMp: Free Downloads

Written by: Dark Matter on December 21, 2012

If you don't know this 6'3" red headed lumberjack named DJ aMp, we are offering you this opportunity to at least get to know his music. aMp is the second half of Baltimore's Malphunktion and also Symbiotic and has just released his 3rd volume of Swing on Deez, a collection of swing house pleasure for you true house heads. + more input


Annihilating Rhythm 4

DJ 2Rip: Free Download

Written by: Dark Matter on December 21, 2012

Thank god the end of the world called out sick today. DJ 2Rip has just dropped his fourth installment of Annihalating Rhythm. Check out this free 70 minute monstar truck rally of cheek wobbling drum & bass, drumstep, electro and progressive shananagins. + more input


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