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Posted by LP Eric on September 19, 2012 | 0 Comments


Hello everyone! I am proud to introduce my new blog segment called "808 Thoughts" where I will be focusing on some of my favorite classic dance tracks. Whether you are a fresh faced newbie or a seasoned veteran reminiscing of dance floors long gone, I invite you to sit back relax and soak up the vibes.

808 State // Cubik

I believe its only fitting I start my new blog off with some 808 State. They are one of the most influential groups to come out of Manchester England after house music’s arrival in the mid 80’s. They also had a heavy hand in developing the new “rave sound” coming into being at that time in the UK.

Phuture // Acid Tracks

THE first acid house record ever made. First made famous by DJ Ron Hardy at the legendary club "The Music Box" in Chicago. He was notorious for playing all the cutting edge music coming out of Chicago at the time and this ladies and gentlemen WAS the PHUTURE.

Acen // Trip II the Moon (Part 1)

If Dubstep had a great grandfather this style of music would be him. This is classic hardcore breaks or “rave breaks” The rave breaks sound also spawned Drum and Bass and a whole host of other genres of EDM. Turn this epic 3 track journey up on some good speakers and its pedigree in the bass department in readily apparent. You get the so called WOB you love with the nut crunching kick to the testis that only a good kick drum could provide!

Acen // Trip II the Moon (Part 2)

Acen // Trip II the Moon (Part 3)

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