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2 Men Enter 1 Man Leaves!

Axiom Workshops and Thunderdome!

Posted by Dark Matter on September 04, 2012 | 0 Comments

Dark Matter’s primary goal since its inception has been to bring all the dance knowledge and experience we have had the pleasure to learn and enjoy from all our encounters the past two decades back to the masses of the EDM rave scene. We want to teach, educate and create a newer generation of dancers who consider parties the greatest place to be at any given time.

The debut of Axiom in 2011 was a huge success. However, we knew for this year, we had to go bigger and further tap into our potential to literally blow shit the fuck up with music and dancing. This year we know we got it right. We teamed up with Symbiotic and Mush Mouth Media to deliver an experience that any and every dancer, raver, dj, promoter, artist or typical party go-er will enjoy. The combined efforts of these three local crews give you THUNDERDOME: BEYOND AXIOM to be held November 3rd, 2012 at the legendary Paradox Nightclub in Baltimore, MD, USA.

Ladies and Gentelman: Be prepared for a mind blowing, ear loving, face stealing show. We are pleased to bring you 5 headliners of musical bliss and carnage: Elite Force, The Funk Hunters, Danny The Wildchild, Parallax & 2Rip along side 11 additional acts. You’re going to wish you had a clone to catch all of the sets.

We are completely converting a room into a true post-apocalyptic Thunderdome full of showcases, battles and performances- Two Men Enter...One Man Leaves! Come witness the legendary Boppin Andre alongside some of the best national and internationally renowned dancers!

But wait there’s more! During the day, we will be offering a 5 hour smorgasbord of workshops which will include classes and discussions by Boppin Andre, 2011 Juste Debout House Dancing Champions Toyin & Latasha, Junious “House” Brockhouse, Booda Monk, Mikey P, Tiev, Tiny Love and Ty Fingers. Space is limited for this rare opportunity, so it is strongly recommended that you purchase tickets in advance for this. The workshops will be held at Sanctuary Bodyworks, Baltimore, MD, USA.


Thunderdome: Beyond Axiom:

Event Page Link: http://www.facebook.com/events/379761512094102

Flyer Link: http://www.darkmattersquad.com/assets/flyers/ThunderdomeFlyerhr1800.jpg

Tickets Link: http://darkmattersquad.ticketleap.com/thunderdome

Axiom Workshops

Event page Link: http://www.darkmattersquad.com/axiom

Tickets Link: http://darkmattersquad.ticketleap.com/axiom2012

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