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Welcome Johnii to DM!

Vogue & Waacking & Oh My!

Written by: Dark Matter on January 08, 2015

It is with great pleasure that we officially announce the induction of our newest member into Dark Matter Squad. Johnii brings with him over 13 years of dance experience, with a core disciplines in Vogue and Waccking. He has performed and choreographed for some of the world’s largest dance events and maintained membership amongst the most respected Houses within the Vogue communities. Since his first per... + more input

Johnii 11

DM Adds 3 New Members!

Kenzie Frenzie, Dark Phoenix, Mina Bear

Written by: Dark Matter on September 24, 2014

Dark Matter is pleased to announce our newest members to the Squad; Kenzie Frenzie, Dark Phoenix and Mina Bear! Each new member brings a select set of skills, from hooping, fire, b-girl, hip hop, waacking and more, to further broaden Dark Matter's performance team and overall artistic diversity. Our newest members not only strengthen our core group of dancers and performers, but also bolsters our female con... + more input


Japan DM Adds New Member

Masaya "Knit" Maeda

Written by: Dark Matter on May 12, 2014

Dark Matter is proud to announce the induction of our newest member, Masaya "Knit" Maeda! Knit has a long history within the Japanese Hip Hop culture that goes back to 1996 when he first began as a Bboy. Currently, Knit works for ADHP promotion company and is a writer for Japan's largest underground/urban based magazines, "Dance Delight". + more input


Who Doesn't Like Free Shit

The raffle that made your mom wet

Written by: DarkMatter on April 09, 2014

What's up peoples! Our friends at Light It Up Philly put together a rediculous raffle package and you're invited to win some amazing goodies!  It's super simple and well worth the 2 minute effort! If you know what's what, you will want in on this this mamma jamma.  The Prize Package includes: 1 box set of our favorite Light It Up mixes. Including mixes from Jay Shok, DJ Nysus, Kyng Of Thievez, Tommy Hogun... + more input


Welcome New DM Members!

Eastcoast to Far Eastcoast!

Written by: Dark Matter on January 22, 2014

We are at it again! Please join us in welcoming Hydrosphere (Knoxville, TN), DJ Nysus (Philladelphia, PA), Ryoga (Japan), DJ SaintLike ( Fear & Loathing, VA ), DJ Throdown (DC). Blessed with the ability to interact, befriend and collaboarate with some of the worlds best music and DJ talent, we are excited to drop this announcement that includes the induction of 2 new dancers and 3 DJ artists. + more input


Dancer Highlight v.9


Written by: Dark Matter on November 06, 2013

Dark Matter's, Shenchi, recently linked up with CTut to get an inside look into the who's, the what's, the where's and all the weird things in between, that drives his passion for the art of finger styles. + more input

ctuttriclops cover

The Mothership has Landed

DarkMatter & Symbiotic's Newest Journey

Written by: DarkMatter on September 18, 2013

DarkMatter and Symbiotic are at it again!  This time taking you to the outter edges of space to find the most funky kind!  November 30th at the legendary Paradox Night Club, Baltimore USA is ground zero for the landing of The Mothership!  We are very excited to also have the gracious support from UFO Jeans for this event.  Prizes for our 1st and 2nd place winners of the All Finger Styles contest an... + more input


Dark Matter Japan Grows!

Nari Digitz & Liquid Kevin Join DM!

Written by: Dark Matter on July 02, 2013

Dark Matter Squad is honored to be able to announce the induction of both Nari Digitz and Liquid Kevin to the DM Family! Nari and Kevin exemplify the art, passion and dedication of true finger styles and liquid practitioners. + more input


Dance Delight Interview!

Code Red Invades Japan

Written by: Dark Matter on June 22, 2013

Recently, Code Red sat down with Masaya "Bboy Knit" Maeda of Dance Delight Magazine for an interview on Liquid and Digits. As Japan's largest and most reputable dance magazine and production company, this opportunity was by far one of the the broadest platforms of exposure for our culture to regarding the history and progeression of these EDM dances. + more input

CR square

Dark Matter is now Global

Cham tapped to lead DM Japan Chapter

Written by: Dark Matter on April 16, 2013

Cham will be spearheading the Japan Chapter of Dark Matter Squad, taking a lead role in Chapter growth, crew initiatives and spreading information about EDM based dances into the Japanese region. + more input


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