Electronic Music Dance Culture

Having grown up to the sounds of Christopher Anderson's dark house music at the Orbit Room in Houston's late 90's rave scene, Lucas aka "Relic" was exposed and addicted to the stomping dance styles that dominated electronic dance music. With limited exposure to liquid brought from the east coast, it wasn't until their reunion in Boston (2000) that his friend Prime began teaching him his unique approach to liquid; abandoning the common trend of broader movements and bringing the illusion much closer to the hands for a more direct, detailed illusion. Prime and Relic worked furiously on developing the liquid technique of folding - a linear, tracing of rails and corners made to create the perception of folding an imaginary, liquified piece of a paper.

Upon returning to the Baltimore area is where Relic fostered a dancing relationship with Frequency, who introduced him to the Liquid Pop Collective and later earned a spot in their group. With their influential knowledge in both liquid and digitz skills, technique and development was further elevated. After his departure from the group Relic later went on to study locking from Shockalock, NYC's 1st locker, known for developing student's strengths with an emphasis on creativity and individuality. With a natural tendency for his arms and flexibility, Shockalock taught Relic his lockamime style which brought out the 'rubberband' transitions within his obsessions of clean lines. 

Being a social dancer most his adult life Relic has a profound love for the dances which cater to electronic music dance culture. Usually found rocking floors or guiding a lending hand to the next generation at any edm event in Baltimore, Relic is now pushing his new group Dark Matter. The group hopes to continue the push of any creative movement's evolution and awareness found within the electronic music dance scene through the knowledge of both its historical context, as well as other dances which help fuel conceptual expansion. Dark Matter is committed to bringing you quality workshop events, as well as melting your  face off at any dope edm party.