Electronic Music Dance Culture

Liquid Pop Eric

Even as a child Eric had an underling ear for a beat. His mother still tells stories of how even as an infant he would wiggle and cry out in his crib whenever disco or other electronic influenced music was playing.

As a young boy growing up in a time when a new form of music was taking hold in the world he would watch the fledgling MTV to catch at least one of two videos which had “that sound”. He would search hours upon hours in his older cousins tape box looking for tapes that had that sound which had names like Kraftwerk, Pet shop boys and Africa Bambatta, Little did he know how far that love for electronic music would take him. When he got old enough Eric started sneaking out like so many other youths of his time to be involved in the budding underground electronic music scene in NYC. This is where his love for dance and electronic music grew and prospered. He moved to Philadelphia and quickly got involved with the underground dance scene. This is where he picked up the dance style known as “Liquid”. It was during this time frequenting electronic music events in Philadelphia he spent many hours perfecting his signature style of Liquid. In his travels he met like minded individuals who where just as much in love with Liquid as he was and showed him a new dance called Digitz (digtis). They would go on to eventually form the dance crew known as Liquid Pop Collective. The crew wanted to spread Liquid / Digitz (digits) as legitimate dance styles and represent underground electronic dance culture in a positive light. This eventually led to the crew producing the first ever Liquid and Digitz VHS instructional video which has spread “Liquid & Digitz” worldwide. Eric has since become a respected ambassador of “Liquid and Digitz”. He has gone on to lecture at PENN State university, CO- judge the world first Liquid competition and speak at the annual Liquid/Digitz (digits) conference.