Electronic Music Dance Culture

An original member of LiquidPop Collective, Jared aka “Code Red,” is most noted for his contribution to the foundation, development and education of Digitz (digits); a set of complex, synchronized finger movements performed to electronic music.

At age 18, Jared frequented the Tunnel Night Club (NYC) where he met Digitz creator Mario. Learning from him along with several others practicing the art form, Jared soon became consumed with learning and evolving the dance. Additionally, through the use of ‘mag lights’, Jared also learned the craft of Liquid.

By 2001, New York City nightlife came to a steep decline, preventing the dances from developing further. Jared then met a group of dancers that would eventually become LiquidPop Collective. Teaching the crew Digitz (digits), and subsequently pushing the dance out through Philadelphia, provided a re-birth in the styles. Had he not passed on Digitz (digits) to his crew, chances are the dance style would have never made it beyond the nightclubs of New York City.

In 2001, LPC decided to make further attempts to legitimize both Liquid and Digitz (digits). With the support of visual artist, Ricardo “VJ Kaboom” Rivera, and Reflective Multi Media LPC released the first ever instructional video on the foundations of Liquid and Digitz (digits). The video was sold worldwide and spread the dances beyond the physical boundaries of the crew. Most importantly it gave a universal foundation and vocabulary to the dances helping legitimize the art further than just the confines of the electronic dance music culture.

Jared has lectured at Penn State University on the history and development of Liquid and Digitz (digits), spoken at the first annual Liquid Conference in Chicago, taught various workshops throughout NJ and PA, teaching popping, liquid and Digitz (digits) and provided several interviews on his point of view into the history, growth and future of Liquid and Digitz (digits).

Now a principal member of “Dark Matter” and also Fugamma, a creative design studio in Philadelphia, Jared hopes to continue supporting the growth of Liquid, Digitz (digits) and all performance art that they have and will influence down the road.