Electronic Music Dance Culture

Cham will be spearheading the Japan Chapter of Dark Matter Squad, taking a lead role in Chapter growth, crew initiatives and spreading information about EDM based dances into the Japanese region.

It was over 5 years ago, that LP Eric received an email from Cham expressing his interest in learning Liquid and Digitz. He had already been learning on his own with other friends in Japan, becoming well versed in Liquid and Digits, using nothing but videos to try and learn the dances.

Since then, Cham has traveled to the United States the last 2 years to attend our annual dance workshops and Finger Styles competition, Axiom.

During this time Cham has shown constant support and initiative for not only Dark Matter but also the liquid and digits community as a whole. He has demonstrated to be a true ambassador for the cause and it has earned him a truly deserved membership in Dark Matter Squad.

Cham resides in Yokohama, Japan, has been dancing for 8 years in the dances of Liquid, Digits, Waving and Animation. He maintains affiliations in Japan with The Phase Transition and Tokyo EDM Squad.